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Katherine V. Gough, Thilde Langevang and George Owusu said some of the challenges that Africa is facing include:

The belief that young people can ‘pull themselves up by their own bootstraps that they should become ‘job creators’ rather than ‘job seekers’ by setting up their own enterprises.

Access to knowledge and skills is problematic for the young people and income- generating activities are unpredictable and unstable. 

What we need is access to information on Personal Interests that lead to income generation.

YZEUP (slang for Wise Up) is an interactive Knowledge Share platform designed to Empower AND to Develop.


Never underestimate the power of sharing. The following quote from one of our sessions summarises this value: “if only I was told that in my 20’s, life would be different now, I would have made different decisions”

SKILLSET (soft skills and hard skills) is what we primarily focus on.

We encourage a CULTURE of sharing knowledge with others. The African youth (the Youth Charter defines youth as any individual between 15-35 years of age) especially are facing challenges in their lives,  confidence, career progression or career decisions, business decisions, financial decisions, life goal decisions and more…All of these affect our ability to function as human beings.


Through practical knowledge share, one is able to use the learnings gained and integrate them in some aspect of their lives, be it work, business, lifestyle, career, decision making and many  more.

We are learning individuals. It is of collective value to share what ever we have learned that can positively impact someone’s life, especially the youth. We encourage generational sharing.


For Africa to continue to rise and for its children to stay competitive in the market, we need to share knowledge to those individuals who want to expand their skillset. 

Knowledge definition offered by David Gurteen : “A more useful definition of knowledge is that it is about know-how and know-why. A metaphor is that of a cake. An analysis of its molecular constituents is data—for most purposes not very useful—you may not even be able to tell it were a cake. A list of ingredients is information—more useful—an experienced cook could probably make the cake—the data has been given context. The recipe though would be knowledge—written knowledge—explicit knowledge—it tells you how-to make the cake. An inexperienced cook however, even with the recipe might not make a good cake. A person, though, with relevant knowledge, experience, and skill—knowledge in their heads—not easily written down—tacit knowledge—would almost certainly make an excellent cake from the recipe.”

YzeUp is an online and offline practical platform focusing on business, investing, technology, marketing, careers, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.

The vision is to have contributors from all walks of life giving practical tips on all of these aspects of life.

Connect with like minded individuals and jump on the bus ride to greatness! #GreatnessAwaits