YZEUP For Business

The definition of Information sharing is the exchange of data between various organizations, people and technologies.

Speakers at the sustainable income generation session, Benedict Siyotola, Lerato Manaka and Christopher Kapanga

YZEUP for business is a knowledge-sharing platform both online and offline designed to equip the individual or the organisation with practical knowledge (information, skills, or expertise). Our exchange of information takes place in two forms:

  • Information shared by individuals – we connect those individuals with expertise in the business field to share some of their tips on a range of business knowledge in the marketing, life coaching and tech fields.
  • Information shared by organizations – we connect those organisations with expertise in the business field to train those in need on different range of subjects that relate to marketing, life coaching in the workplace and tech fields

The Principle is simple: Share the Knowledge

We need to take care of each other in order to progress. The African workforce is in dire need of “data sharing” not only for individual growth but also for the growth of the collective. But it doesn’t feel like information is widely available.

We noted that in our network, there is so much valuable information from the previous generations as well as the new generation on “how to” but is frequently kept in silos (only those with access to this network get to know what they need to do to grow) and often not shared among other fellow Africans due to its proprietary nature (information hogging).

We also note that information can be obtained through education institutions, workshops, conferences etc but we found that most of these platforms are just too expensive for one to afford.

This is thus a platform designed to “lift the veil” off the important information and exchange and share it with those that seek growth in order to grow both at a personal as well as at an organisation level through knowledge-share sessions.