Why this Platform

one of the greatest challenges facing a continent with the youngest population in the world, Africa: youth Unemployment and Underemployment.”

It is the aim of this platform to tackle the following challenge: “Lack of Access to information on Personal Interests that lead to income generation”

YZE UP your greatness awaits, is an online and offline knowledge share platform designed in Africa to create positive outcomes. The trickle down effect let’s us share those learnings that we have gathered along the way to help others achieve greatness too. If we can create awareness, offer insights or knowledge or experiences,  cause someone to take appropriate actions, shift attitudes that then create a positive outcome, then our vision would be fulfilled.

It borrows from the dictionary meaning: 1. to become or cause to become aware or informed (of)

The end goal is for those we engage with to say ” I wised up to….which lead me to do….which lead to… a great achievement”

The platform offers real life examples and practical knowledge sessions that extend offline to face to face experiences such as group Seminars, Empowerment Workshops, Marketing Workshops, Tech Workshops, Entrepreneurship Workshops, One – on One chats and more.