Work Dynamics Pet Peeves – Insecure Managers that Stifle Others

We asked Judith Mugeni to share her views on Work Dynamics – What annoys you in the work place.

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#workplacedynamics #Petpeeves2: “Insecure managers that stifle those underneath them”

We took tips from the article – Insecure Managers Don’t Want Your Suggestions Ethan R. Burris, Nathanael J. Fast, Caroline A. Bartel Harvard business review ————————

So what should you do if your manager is stifling your voice? Here are a few suggestions. * Take steps to disarm defensiveness: When you do speak up, consider doing it in private, rather than in front of others. This will help your manager to “save face” and minimize any feelings of threat —————————

* Give your manager a morale boost before offering constructive criticism: Compliments can go a long way. Highlighting your manager’s strengths affirms his or her ego and may reduce the degree to which he or she is threatened by your opinion. ————————- *

Pitch the positive: Frame improvements by simultaneously emphasizing potential gains for the company and deemphasizing your managers’ liability. And certainly, avoid implying that the situation that needs improving is your manager’s fault. ———————-

Very important of course, it’s not all on the employee to make things better. Leaders need to take responsibility for establishing norms that help managers feel more secure. ————————- They can create a climate marked by psychological safety and positive norms (e.g., learning from, rather than punishing, mistakes) and thereby increase the tendency for managers who feel incompetent to solicit ideas.

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