What are the things that annoy you in the workplace 1: Overlooking the quiet achievers

We asked Judith Mugeni a question on work place dynamics – what annoys you in the workplace?

In this post: Overlooking quiet (“introverts”) people in the workplace

According to Nicola Heath: “Quiet achievers are intelligent, introverted and industrious, but are regularly overshadowed in the workplace by their more socially confident colleagues. “Workplaces tend to notice and reward behaviour that is characteristic of extroverts,” says Peter O’Connor, an associate professor at QUT Business School.”

Nicola Heath’s article gives five tips for employers to improve engagement and retention among introverted employees. 1. Make work days flexible ————————- 2. Change your brainstorming methods ———————- 3. Encourage introverts to be social ———————— 4. Rethink office design ————————- 5. Don’t overlook introverts for leadership positions —————————

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