Performance driven values I gained while growing up at home by Judith Mugeni

They say charity begins at home. The home, is the place where most of our values and world views are instilled. The home can also be in some cases a place where most of our insecurities are built.

For me the home is where I learnt the below values that I have carried with me to my adulthood. They might not work for everyone, they sure have worked for me.

  • GOD (This is a non negotiable)
  • EDUCATION (marks were checked against the class average and the grade average -mistakes were made but there was no room for excuses- Excellence)
  • CONFIDENCE (Built by being told that you come from a lineage of intelligent people – You are as smart as the next person, if not smarter. Do not fear people)
  • PRIDE (Your name and surname carries with it certain values – live the +ve ones and avoid the -ve ones)
  • HUMILITY (Humble yourself – Do not confuse humility for stupidity)
  • RESPECT (all people from all walks of life)
  • GO GETTER (The world is not going to come to you, you have to go to it and learn to compete)
  • WORK HARD (Nothing comes easy, when you get something give it your full attention, give it your best)
  • SURROUND YOURSELF with the right people – people can make you and break you

There are other values I gained from the outside world that have shaped who I am. Lesson – we all need building blocks, a value system that carries us through this thing called life.

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