YzeUp Knowledge Share: SWEAT your sponsorship Assets Seminar – How to get the most from your sponsorship marketing spend.

YzeUp Knowledge Share: Sweat your sponsorship Assets Seminar – How to get the most from your sponsorship marketing spend.

Presented by

In association with BMI Sport


 Event Background and Objectives:

Maximising sponsorship investment doesn’t have to be rocket science. In theory and in practice in some cases, we know that sponsoring an event can do a number of things for a brand. Brands, Organisations and Rights Holders can gain greater long-term benefits if they start with the fundamentals. Sponsorship can provide a compelling theme to be leveraged throughout the marketing mix but we must all ensure we are looking at the bigger picture and actively adding to the experience. But, we also know when it comes to annual reviews and debriefs, most sponsors/partners walk away wondering if all the expense and effort were worth it. Currently the Sports, Lifestyle and Entertainment landscape is constantly evolving, rights holders need to adapt to meet the new demands of potential sponsors. Conversely, brands need to adapt to stay current and relevant with consumers and fans.

 Learning Outcome:Learn how to maximise your sponsorship rights and thus your return on investmentby fully leveraging the rights and assets afforded to you.

Knowledge Share Itenerary

  • Introduction to Sponsorship Marketing & Sponsorship Marketing Landscape – South Africa and Global
  • Sponsorship marketing practice – Best practices, issues and trends
  • Best Practice Activations: Developing and Executing a Sponsorship Marketing Program in line with target audience passions and organization/brand objectives
  • Evaluating a Sponsorship Marketing Program – from proposal to signing of contract to leveraging plans

Workshop Moderators

  • Judith Mugeni: Managing Partner Ganizani Consulting, Africa’s Experienced Strategic Integrated Marketing and Sponsorship Consultant
  • Amy Sartori: Director at SARTORI. Sponsorship + Marketing communications and SARTORI. The Empowered Athlete. Strategist in Sponsorship + Marketing

 Speakers and Panel:

  • Hazel Chimhandamba,Marketing Executive
    • Topic: “How brands sweat their sponsorship assets”
  • Mantwa Chinoamadi, Festival Producer: The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz
    • Topic: “Learnings from a Rights Holders on challenges and positives of sponsors leveraging plans on an event”
  • Qondisa Ngwenya, Executive Independent industry consultant
    • Topic: Rights Holders and Sponsor strategic frameworks to create win-win partnerships
  • Dave Sidenberg, Executive Director & CEO BMI Sport Info
    • Topic: Beyond data, sponsorship industry overview



Event Location:  Bryanston Country Club, Cumberland room, 63 Bryanston Dr, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191, Johannesburg, South Africa

Event Date: Thursday, 6 December 2018

Registration: 8h30 to 9h00

Main Event: 9h00 to 12h30

What to Bring: 1 Sponsorship Rights Contract (Strategic tools, pen and paper will be provided).

Moderators: Judith Mugeni and Amy Sartori

Cost: R650pp exc VAT

For More Info visit:

SWEAT your Assets Seminar


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