Embracing YOUR greatness – Sustainable Income Generation Tips

If we start from a positive place, then we let positivity flow into our veins. Our next YzeUp Knowledge share session is entitled “embracing your greatness.” We will be sharing on how to generate income, sustainably.

Everyone has an innate ability to be great, it is our circumstances, the path that we navigate through  this “thing called life” that takes us through patches, potholes, wrong off-ramps, wrong people etc that might take away this founding principle in our lives.

The opposite is also true, some are blessed to know from the beginning that they are great, they go through life where doors open, where learning occurs, where networks are formed, where mentorship is a phone call away or a footstep away, where reference groups – positive, aspirational, motivational people are close by, where the potholes might exist but might be little bumps. We all experience life differently. But at the centre of it, we are all in the game of generating income to reach our life goals.

So at our next session, if you are lost and have taken a wrong off ramp, we will uncover this greatness; if you are already on the path we will sharpen you and if you are great we will appeal to you to share your knowledge so we can level the playing field.

Our starting point is income generation. This can be done either through entrepreneurship or through growing your chosen career path. There is a call in Africa for Job creation. This leads to frustration, when one looks at our unemployment rates. What we need is skills development tips on how to generate income sustainably. We need to change the dialogue to generating income matching our skills, passions, situations, be it starting a business or getting a job. What we need is to be taught not only how to survive but how to THRIVE, sustainably.

We have assembled some great folk to share some tips on how we can navigate through some of the income generation strategies.

Join our speakers who have been navigating the income generating path on the African continent, South Africa, and thus understand the landscape:

Joanna Ngwenya, a business/life coach, as she unpacks knowledge on: “Visualise it before you can reach it – Practical tools on building your vision”

Lerato Manaka, currently group company secretary at Barloworld Limited, as she shares on: “Reinventing your career –   A few unique pieces of career advice that nobody ever mentions”

Ben Siyotula, a story teller, brand builder and an entrepreneur, as he helps us gain the balance, not only does he work full time but he is also a founder of ishushu hot sauce, he shares on: “Juggling a Career & Business – When the dream and reality both demand your energies”

Christopher Kapanga, a young entrepreneur,  founder of We Clean it All – an all rounded cleaning company, he will debunk some of the myths surrounding running a business, he will share on “Entrepreneurship – Is it possible to start a business with little to no money?”

For those that can make it, we look forward to engaging face to face. For those that cannot, we will take notes and share on our downloads tabs.

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