“Good things happen when you smile or when you are naked”: My Naked Kitchen and Coffee Bar experience as an entrepreneur.

By Judith Mugeni

As I sit here, a futurepreneur (we don’t need big office spaces to do some work, work can be done anytime and anywhere, just need connection), at Naked Restaurant Morningside, Johannesburg, South Africa, I can’t help but eaves drop as a lady explains this space that I am sitting in. I am inspired by the story she relays to her lunch partner of the guys, or the restaurateurs behind Naked.

I came here because:

  • I enjoyed my previous experience, came here after buying a book at Exclusive Books and wanted a place to read.
  • I have a meeting in 2 hours so I thought I would do some work in the mean time, at a place where I can have something to nibble on that’s not going to put a hole in my pockets. I came back, that’s how much I enjoyed the space.
  • I wanted to continue reading my book after catching up with my emails and I wanted to read it while nibbling on something. This place is door to door and connected to Exclusive Books through a window. I am sitting on the exclusive books side but being served by the waiters from the other side.
  • I brought my laptop to complete some quick work and they have a desktop space for me to sit and work comfortably.
  • The place serves Breakfast and Lunch (menu written on the walls). It’s effortless really, you pick and choose what you want, its warmed up and served.
  • I am a green tea fan and am thus impressed by my Moroccan Green Tea offer.
  • Most importantly, free Wi-fI (effortless in registration too.

But what brought me to write this blog, was listening to the lady telling her lunch partner, the story behind the entrepreneur behind Naked Restaurant.

According to Coffee Magazine:

“Fresh produce, gourmet coffee, home-style cooking – and all ‘to go’. The Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar, a new foodie and coffee concept by the duo behind Naked Coffee, brings the global gourmet deli trend to Johannesburg. The Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar, now open in Morningside Shopping Centre, was inspired by Shaun Els and Victor Barbosa’s international travels, passion for coffee and love for fresh, seasonal food.”

Meet the entrepreneurs behind the kitchen and coffee bar:

According to Hellojoburg: “Business partners Victor Barbosa and Shaun Els started out as cricket rivals in primary school, but it was on an adventure to London that sparked an idea and birthed the brainchild of their artisanal coffee spot – Naked Coffee. The pair have always been coffee connoisseurs, and their travels only fuelled their passion for the bean. Seeing a gap in the South African market during the Australian coffee wave, they made their entrepreneurial move. They needed a name relevant to what they were doing. After extensive experimentation with machinery and coffee tasting, they opted for the artisanal method of extraction known as ‘pouring a coffee naked’ – and the name was decided. Patrons still have loads of fun with the name today – three and a half years after they originally opened! Depending on the time of day, Naked Coffee attracts a mixed crowd; between business breakfasts, working lunches and being a bloggers hotspot, everyone buys into the culture of an inviting environment that’s relaxed, but professional.

“The menu pushes boundaries. Every plate is prepared individually and is intended to complement the coffee. They’re experimental with their offerings, and conceptualise dishes based on what’s trending internationally. Think coffee-crusted fillet or their favouritebreakfast spoil – Shakshuka served with freshly-baked Kitka. ”


#YzeUpAFrica go for your dreams, build your brands.


Visit Naked, Kitchen and Coffee Bar

A: Morningside Shopping Centre, Rivonia Road, Morningside

T: 011 883 0291

IG: @nakedcoffee_


Article sources:




Judith Mugeni: info@ganizaniconsulting.com




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