Building your brand. How to WIN in your career, business, life.

By Judith Mugeni

Lessons from our creating your brand seminar 💥. Whether you are looking for a job, a promotion, new business, you must study your target (audience) and what their needs are (requirements), you must showcase how you meet their needs (point of parity) but most importantly what that extra zing is that makes YOU special, above all the rest, nobody makes/does …….better than you. 📣 #growyourbrand,


Let us follow a few steps:

  • Who are you targeting? For example: my boss, my employees, my CEO, my current clients, my potential clients, my partner, my company
  • What are their needs? If it’s new business, have they written a request for proposal on what they are looking for? If its an employer, what KPIs- what are they expecting from you? Remember they view the world from a different lens to you, find out what makes this lens. Are they looking for someone with experience, someone with a qualification, someone who has been in business for a long time, someone who knows how to communicate, someone who knows how to negotiate, someone who knows how to get the job done etc.
  • How will you meet these needs? These are your points of parity – you against your competitor, score yourself and be honest. If there is an area where you are scoring low, then work on that, train yourself or ask the company to train you on it. If its a business pitch, then partner with someone who has that skill (make sure you state the terms of engagement upfront).
  • What makes you Unique? This is your point of difference. The points of parity is what gets you to the door, point of difference is what separates you from the rest, what closes the deal! List all the things that make you special, that only you can offer, that nobody else can do….

Repeat the above steps with every one of your target audience. Repeat over time. If you are still not getting the result you want, time to chat to someone else.

This is just but a step, in the building your brand journey.

Should you need help with crafting your point of difference, email us at


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