Why is it so hard to set brand objectives?


By Judith Mugeni

I have heard this many times, “we have been working with junior marketers that don’t even know their own objectives are” or declines of strategically fit properties because “they do not align with our objectives”

But when you dig deeper, when you engage further on the question, so what exactly are your objectives? The answer is mostly not what one expects

I have experienced it many times (have received and written many marketing briefs in my little 12 years of experience)

Going into workshops, i usually take the following elements as a given:

The who? Target market

The why? The objectives

Many of the workshops i have run have been based on the H, the how to engage the (Who) knowing what we want to achieve the (Why)

The (how) is easy, the (where) is easy, the (when) is easy, and i can argue that in some cases, people know the (who)- their target audience (some cases), but the why…..the why are we doing the following actions, thats the part that gets most marketers. How will you accurately measure the return on objectives if we don’t really know what the objectives are?

So with so much literature on setting SMART objectives, why is it so hard for marketers to do this?

Views expressed in this article are of my own. For more info contact judith@ganizaniconsulting.com

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