Cloud Services are Floating, Africa Let’s Tap Into Them to Catch Up, Build, Innovate and Lead

By Jordy Mugeni

Exposure: They say  “a moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.”

I have to admit that It was only after attending the Oracle Open World 2015 in San Francisco and listening to some of the global leaders and experts like of Larry Ellison, Brian Krzanich, Mark Hurd, Abidali Neemuchwala and James Gosling, that I managed to nurse a new positive perspective regarding Cloud Services.

Knowledge: This experience led to me being invited to feature in Oracle Ace Director Lucas Jamella’s  Oracle Open World 2015 White paper to share my convictions about cloud Services from an African perspective.

Application: Shortly after California I spent some time in Congo-Brazzaville, consulting on a telecommunications challenge, which highlighted a solid case for Cloud Services, where SaaS and Paas as solutions, could be used to unlock value faster and affordably.

The AHA Moment:  That experience quickly helped my team and I realise that Cloud Services are here to enable Africa to: Catch-Up => Build => Innovate => Lead

Use Cloud Services to Catch Up

Cloud Services are well positioned to enable African organisations, from small to big businesses to achieve more with less at a faster pace. Software as a service (SaaS) could be used by entities:

  • To communicate with their customers;
  • To market their products and;
  • To optimize their internal processes like HR, Product development etc.

This solution takes away the things that keep most organisations awake at night such as how to install databases, applications, how to configure them, how to build or buy a system, the expatriate skills bill that come with it, how to procure hardware, where to store the hardware, how to power the hardware, how to secure it and the list goes on.

This presents an opportunity for African businesses and organizations to focus more energy on key processes, and less on software costs of ownership. Cloud Services level the playing field, catapults African organizations to close the gaps and catch up with the rest of the world at a fraction of the cost.

Use Cloud Services to Build

Cloud Services provide the ordinary African entrepreneurs with the opportunity to tap into the cloud building blocks without worrying too much about cost of ownership.

Service providers such as Amazon Cloud Services, Oracle Cloud Services, Github, Sales force and Digital Ocean just to name a few all have their toolboxes available in the cloud. Through those cloud Service providers, open source and propriety software, training are readily available to ordinary African entrepreneurs like never before.

African entrepreneurs can now to tap into technologies such as Github, Oracle MySQL, Github, Amazon ec2, Amazon S3, docker, and numerous other open source tools available that current disruptors like Netflix, uber, and airbnb, have successfully used and still using to challenge the status quo. The ordinary African entrepreneur can use cloud Services tools to disrupt the status quo dramatically.

Use Cloud Services to Innovate

Cloud Services provide not only big corporates like Mobile Network Operators and financial services the opportunity to innovate, but it also presents the ordinary African entrepreneur with the same opportunity to tap into it to build solutions and services that can be accessed by not only African customers, but also other global customers.

Pure innovation will come from the way African entrepreneurs orchestrate multiple Software a Service (Saas) , Platform as a Service (Saas), and Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) with some on-premise solutions to solve everyday African challenges.

Challenges are present in every sector, government, health care, transport, trade, and education.

Use Cloud Services to Lead

According the United Nations population division, Africa ‘s population is the world youngest; by 2035 Africa’s working age population those aged 15-64 will be larger than China or India according to the UN projections.

Cloud Services provides Africa with the opportunity to lead the way, simply because opportunities are hidden in our daily challenges in various areas such as health care, education, transport, infrastructure, governance, agriculture, energy, utility, mining; and the world’s youngest population has energy and motivation to solve them, if they are given the right level of exposure and training.

In order for Africa to lead, available cloud Services have to be combined and integrated with other technologies such as Internet of things (IoT), big data in a way that will enable solving complex African challenges.

Cloud Services will enable African businesses, governments and most importantly ordinary African entrepreneurs to Catch up, Build, Innovate and Lead.

All we need to do is tap into them now 🙂


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