#WorkEthic. Put your signature on your work

“I work hard not because of “them” but because it’s MY work and it reflects on me,” Judith M, 2018

If you view your work as YOUR portfolio of evidence, you will pour yourself into it and submit  a 99% effort versus when you view your work as deliverables only, working for the sake of ticking the HR boxes. You will find that in the latter, you end up submitting the levels you feel on that particular day, 30%, 50%, 70% as if to say the line manager or the next person must then take it to the next level, 100%. Do not be surprised when the one who takes it to the 100% level, takes the credit and thanks you only for your part.

Treat your work as an exhibition, invite those that matter to you to a public exhibition, to your booth where your work will be displayed and ask yourself, would you be proud to showcase? Then submit.

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